An Introduction to Counseling – Pay What You Can!

As a thank you to all of you who make it your business to care about others, and to make it possible for anyone interested to learn how to make change and transformation happen, we’re offering this Saturday’s day-long training, An Introduction to Counseling, as a special “Pay What You Can” workshop.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

If you want to know more about why we want this workshop to be affordable and accessible, keep reading below. In the meanwhile . . .

If there’s anyone you know who could use counseling support, or anyone you know who is interested in learning about how to better love, understand, support and help the people around them, please share this invite with them. and help us spread the word via email or with your communities on Facebook. Thank you for supporting us in our mission to help make the world a more safe, healing and creative space for all of us.

Why we want this workshop to be affordable and accessible:

The mission of Interchange (our entire reason for being) is to help create a world where healing, growth and liberation are a part of people’s daily lives and everyday relationships. We want counseling to continue to thrive in the one-on-one counseling offices and retreat centers where it currently resides, but we also want it to break out, bust loose and find its way into all of the places that people live and work and play and connect. We want counseling to be everywhere, which means it needs to be offered by everyone. That’s why we’re committed to teaching students with a wide range of goals for how they want to use their Interchange training in the world. In addition to training people who want to create a career as a coach or counselor, and seasoned counseling practitioners looking to deepen their practice, it’s one of our great joys that side-by-side with professionals and aspiring professionals, we also get to train:

  • Social justice activists who are bringing counseling to underrepresented communities
  • Teachers who aspire to find innovative ways to understand, reach and educate their students
  • Parents who want to bring new understanding and healing to their families
  • Managers, employees, and executives who know that people at work are human beings first, employees second, and that understanding human nature makes workplaces the kinds of places where life happens
  • Doctors, body workers, nurses, and others who are committed to healing and well-being and who know that the healing relationship itself is often the place where transformation occurs
  • Hairdressers, bartenders, cab drivers, and all the rest of the under-acknowledged listeners of the world
  • Friends, co-workers, family members, lovers, and all others who see a world around them that is less than what they wish for, and who want to make something more possible for themselves and the people around them.

We want to train everyone to be a counselor, because if everyone knows how to counsel, then counseling (and the healing, growth and liberation that come along with it) will spread rapidly, making its way to the communities and people who need it most. We believe everyone has the capacity to be a counselor. Everyone has the power to heal and transform their lives and the lives of the people around them. It’s our mission to give anyone who is willing, the tools and support they need to make that transformation possible.

We hope to see you on Saturday!