Jealousy, Addiction, Enlightenment, Friendship, Crying . . .

I’m feeling pretty groovy about myself today. I’ve spent the last week pulling together all of the best stuff I’ve ever written or filmed on topics like jealousy, addiction, enlightenment, friendship, crying, oppression, ethics, judgment, strangeness, sleep, healing, leadership and on and on. The end result? Interchange’s new Free Resources page got born.

Check it out here:

But that’s not the real reason I’m feeling so groovy about being me. I’m excited the new page is up and that it means you’ll be able to find what you need. What I’m most proud of though is the orientation toward life that’s behind all of it.

As I looked over all of the articles and the videos I realized that they’re not primarily a collection of content or knowledge. It’s something else. It’s an invitation for you to get free with me.

I want to invite you to look with me at all of these aspects of what it is to be human (jealousy, addiction, enlightenment, friendship, crying, oppression, ethics, judgment, strangeness, sleep, healing, leadership, and on and on), to question what you think you know about each of them, and to stay open to the answers you discover. I want to share what I’ve come to understand about the human experience, but really I want to bring you in on the game I’m always playing. The game is about rearranging everything we take for granted to see if the new arrangement will make us freer, or get us closer to one another, or just make life more interesting.

If you came to our site or signed up for our newsletter, I imagine it’s because you’re wanting something. You might be in need of a fresh perspective, or a hand with something you’re struggling with. You might be looking for a new approach to help someone you care about who’s in need. I want to make sure you find what you’re looking for. I want to share what I’ve learned, but more importantly, I want to help you find what’s true for you.

About the Author

Steve Bearman, Ph.D., earned his doctorate in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He founded Interchange Counseling Institute in 2002 and is the lead teacher of Interchange's San Francisco-based year-long counseling and coaching training. When he's not counseling people, leading workshops, and advocating for social justice, Steve climbs mountains, adventures in the urban wilderness, explores the edges and limits of what's possible, deconstructs everything, and finds new ways to put it all back together.