No dates for Tripping Without Drugs are currently on the calendar. If you'd like to be informed when we next schedule this workshop let us know!

Drugs can help people feel more free, take more pleasure in everyday experiences, love more fully, and experience reality with more flexibility and creativity. Wouldn't it be nice to have access to these ways of being all the time, whenever you wanted to?

All the "non-normal" states of consciousness drugs provide are potentially accessible without the use of substances. It just takes a willingness to let go of familiar patterns of experience, and a few exciting practices for stepping outside ordinary reality.

Come spend the evening learning about how to alter your state of consciousness at will. We will strategically alter the ways we breathe, see, focus, touch, and relate. You will have the chance to alter your relationship with inhibition, judgment, shame, bliss, surrender, time, and other byproducts of our "normal" ways of organizing our experiences. Come join us for an evening of healthy and holistic consciousness expansion!

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