Interchange Counseling Institute

Who You Are

You want to make a difference for the people around you. You are someone that others are drawn to for counsel, guidance, support. You know, or at least suspect, that it is your calling to facilitate the kind of change you know is possible, to help people live lives they love, to reduce suffering. You desire a tribe of like-minded people capable of supporting you as you support them, so you can break through what holds you back and make healing, growth and change happen for yourself and for others.

Who We Are

Interchange, taught by Steve Bearman, PhD, is a year long, community-rich training program for people who want to become powerful counselors and coaches and for people who want to grow in their own lives. Interchange teaches you skills, grounds them in practice, and shows you how to make a living doing what you love. Over 10 intensive weekends, you will:

  • Be immersed in one approach to counseling after another, experiencing and practicing each.
  • Integrate and transcend them all to find your unique way of being with people.
  • Take the best of what you've learned and offer it in a way that is signature "you".
  • Learn the work of counseling by doing counseling with your fellow students (not just listening to lectures or taking notes).
  • Offer powerful support, growth and transformation while being transformed yourself in the process.

You get 10 weekends of training, plus 6 evening seminars focused on business and marketing development for your practice, a whole slew of amazing books, and more free counseling than you ever thought possible. Plus, you'll emerge with a incredible network of like-minded individuals who are committed to supporting each other personally and professionally.

Florie Elmore

Florie Elmore

PsyD, Therapist

"I’ve gotten better clinical training at Interchange than I got in graduate school."

Watching Steve counsel people in front of the group, seeing where he can take a client and seeing them have breakthroughs has been incredibly powerful. I would get so much out of listening to someone talk about their experience, have their process and come to some huge realization that I would be moved to feel emotions as well, while being equally inspired by the skill that person was being led with by Steve. Amani Dunham
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