Interchange's Year-Long Counseling and Coaching Training

What It Is

Interchange is a year-long counseling and coaching training program that offers a unique opportunity to work on yourself while you learn to skillfully support others. It is a community-rich learning environment for people who want to become powerful counselors and coaches, and for people who want to grow in their own lives. Interchange teaches you skills, grounds them in practice, and shows you how to make a living doing what you love. Over 10 intensive weekends, you will:

  • Be immersed in one approach to counseling after another, experiencing and practicing each.
  • Integrate and transcend them all to find your unique way of being with people.
  • Take the best of what you've learned and offer it in a way that is signature "you".
  • Learn the work of counseling by doing counseling with your fellow students (not just listening to lectures or taking notes).
  • Offer powerful support, growth, and transformation while being transformed yourself in the process.

Who You Are

You want to make a difference for the people around you. You are someone that others are drawn to for counsel, guidance, support. You know, or at least suspect, that it is your calling to facilitate the kind of change you know is possible, to help people live lives they love, to reduce suffering. You desire a tribe of like-minded people capable of supporting you as you support them, so you can break through what holds you back and make healing, growth, and change happen for yourself and for others.

Do you want to become a professional Life Coach or Counselor?

If you want to make a difference for people, to help them heal and grow and become free, we're glad you're here (and you're in the right place)! You are already offering support and counsel to the people around you, but you want to develop your powers as a counselor, to make it your career. Become a powerful coach or counselor, and make a difference in the world starting now.

Do you want to experience deep personal growth?

Not every Interchange student wants to become a professional coach or counselor. Many come to heal, grow, and become free themselves, while developing counseling superpowers that serve their relationships, community, and existing careers. If you are seeking change, a tribe, and to be of better service to those around you, Interchange offers a unique opportunity to work on yourself while you learn to skillfully support others. Transform yourself, your relationships, and all the lives you touch.

The world needs you to do this work, to change yourself as you become more powerful at facilitating change in others. Thank you for caring enough to do it.

Who We Are

The Interchange Counseling Institute was founded in 2002 by Steve Bearman, Ph.D. Our Vision is to create a world where the best parts of what we call "counseling", people skillfully supporting each other to heal, grow, and become free from unnecessary limitations, are a part of people's daily lives and everyday relationships. We are currently celebrating our 10th year leading our flagship year-long counseling and coaching training. In the year-long training, we teach people how to become powerful counselors and coaches in a supportive community-based environment, in which they grow and transform their own lives in the process.

What's Included

10 Immersive Training Weekends

Classes are a rich mix of lectures, discussions, experiential exercises, counseling demonstrations, and opportunities to practice counseling with coaching and feedback. Classes begin at 8:30 am and go until 6:30 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

In-depth Business and Marketing Training

Build Your Own Successful Counseling or Coaching Practice

Interchange offers a 6-part evening tele-seminar series that will teach you everything you need to know about developing your own practice and getting clients. Each seminar will focus on a different core aspect of your business. You will:

  • Learn how to get clients. Reach the people who need what you have to offer.
  • Learn how to talk to people about what you do. Find the messaging that's right for you and learn how to deliver it in a way that feels natural and is highly effective.
  • Create a presence for yourself on the web. Learn to do's and don'ts of building a great business website and using social media effectively.
A Year's Worth of High Quality, Weekly Peer Counseling

Ground Your Counseling Skills in Practice

Counseling isn't something you know; it's something you do. At Interchange, we learn counseling by doing counseling. After each immersive weekend, you will continue developing yourself as a counselor by doing weekly sessions with your fellow students. Each person takes a turn being the counselor and being the client. These sessions are a place to ground the skills you've learned over the weekend in practice, to receive feedback on your counseling, and to get experience working with a diverse range of people on an array of important issues.

Transform Yourself

Think about your life as it is today. What do you wish was possible for yourself that you don't currently have access to? Over the course of our year together in Interchange, you'll identify your core counseling concerns, and then work within a supportive community to heal old hurts, get free from limiting beliefs, and develop resources you don't currently have. This is not role play. You'll be bringing your real counseling concerns to sessions, where you'll get counseled by many different people, each with something unique to offer you.



Imagine stepping into a room full of people like you, people who have come together to support each other, to learn how to support others, and to grow, people who are ready to get real and dive deep. Imagine these people quickly becoming friends and family. The kind of community that forms around Interchange is something few people get to experience.

Online Forum

You get access to a private online forum to connect with members of your class and past Interchange classes. Share successes; get support; collaborate to become more powerful counselors.

Supporting Books and Materials

Below are some of the supporting books and readings that are provided to Interchange students as part of the tuition.


They've called it, "the best thing I ever did for myself," and, "the start of an entirely new life for me." Hear what 10 years of Interchange students have to say about the training.

If you want to make a difference in the people around you, and make profound shifts in your own being, I highly recommend going to Interchange. The Introductory Evening alone (free!) is worth it. The lessons I learned that night made a huge shift in how I hold myself with others, professionally and personally. Check it out. You won't be sorry.

Sabrina Chaw  |  Life Coach, Founder of A Feminine Feast

Interchange is rocking my world in every way: professionally, personally and inter-personally! Steve Bearman does it again and again with ultra-mastery of the four mature emotions: lovingkindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity. Thank you.

Karyn Krause Amore  |  Life Coach, Founder of Super Yoga Mamma

When I meet people who've done Interchange it's like this instant connection, this instant "I can be real with you", this instant "you're going to accept me for who I am" this complete relaxation that happens inside me where I know that we're here for each other.

Jessica Libbey  |  Health Coach, Speaker

Interchange is a powerful journey that allows someone who is interested in being an agent of change to develop capacities of inner awareness and skillfulness. You develop a tool belt that you can take out into the world and customize for your own purposes.

Christopher Kuntzsch  |  Life Coach, Founder of Ecology of Leadership

Steve is a ninja. A love warrior. An insightful, funny and intelligent teacher. I did this training a few years ago, and it truly changed my life. Go go go. You'll thank me later.

Shereef Bishay  |  Counselor, Founder of Dev Bootcamp

Within a month of starting Interchange, I had taken on three clients. By the end of my time with Interchange, I was working with enough clients to have paid for the cost of the training. Even better? When I did my taxes, my accountant said that my Interchange training qualified as a tax-deductible business expense.

Kate Swoboda  |  Life Coach, Speaker, Writer

I'm quoting Nike: Just Do It! It's absolutely life changing, one of the best things I have ever done!

Cameron Burkholder  |  Fitness Coach

Interchange is proving to be as positively transforming for me as the two other most significant personal growth efforts of my life. I've never understood myself and others more than I do right now. Each month my ability to connect with all types of people is growing by leaps and bounds. And there is no magic to it... it's simply high quality training done in a supportive environment. Steve Bearman is very skilled at introducing really complicated psychological theory in understandable but not overly simplified ways, and then we immediately put the theory into practice with each other. There is something potently effective about a group of people that comes together over a sustained period of time for the purpose of learning how to help each other and others make the changes they want in their lives.

Troy Dayton  |  Counselor

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Tuition and Discounts


Tuition for the year-long training is $6450 and includes ten full weekends of training, our business & marketing teleseminar series, all books and materials, access to a private online forum, and a year's worth of weekly peer counseling.


You can receive discounts for registering early and paying in full for the training. Call us at (866) 936-5556 to find out what discounts you qualify for.


Scholarships are available for people of color and for people 25 and under. Call us at (866) 936-5556 for more information.

Payment Options

Monthly payment plans are available. Please contact us if you would like to discuss special arrangements.


Classes for the 2015-2016 season meet on the following weekends:

October 24th & 25th,   November 21st & 22nd,   December 12th & 13th,   January 16th & 17th,   February 6th & 7th,   March 5th & 6th,   April 2nd & 3rd,   April 23rd & 24th,   May 21st & 22nd,   June 11th & 12th

How to Apply

We are now accepting enrollments for the 2015-2016 class of Interchange's Year-long Counseling Training. The $250 Early Registration Discount ends June 25th.

**Please note that Interchange's Year-long Training has sold out for the past few years and we expect it to again this year, so register early to ensure your best chance of joining this year's class.

Please click the Apply Now button to begin your online application and to learn about what discounts and scholarships you may be eligible for. If you have any questions about the training or the application process please feel free to contact Margo Brockman, in Admissions at (866) 936-5556 or via email at

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