Steve Bearman, PhD

Lead Facilitator, Founder and Co-Owner, Interchange Counseling Institute
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Steve Bearman, PhD is the founder of the Interchange Counseling Institute, and a counselor, social justice educator, and workshop leader residing in San Francisco. He earned his PhD in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he also received an MS in Social Psychology. He has published articles on internalized sexism, male sexual conditioning, mentoring, and the philosophy of psychology. He received his BA in Individual Transformation and Social Change from Hampshire College.

Steve has been teaching in the Bay Area and throughout the country for the last 20 years. In addition to teaching counseling skills classes, he has led workshops in the areas of community building, relationships, ending jealousy, overcoming anxiety, gender role conditioning, healing body shame, death and grieving, spiritual practice, and group facilitation. He was a teacher for the Re-evaluation Counseling Community and was counseling faculty at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, where he trained support group leaders and peer counselors, led men’s groups, and taught classes in ending suffering and holistic sexuality, and at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where he taught counseling skills to health coaches.…

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Margo Brockman

Business Training Facilitator and Co-Owner, Interchange Counseling Institute

Margo Brockman is the Head of Admissions and Co-Owner of Interchange Counseling Institute.

Since joining as the co-Owner of Interchange, Margo has grown Interchange’s flagship, year-long program from 20 students to 160 students and significantly enhanced the offerings available to participants. She helps bring Interchange’s message, trainings and tools to tens of thousands of people each year, through in-person workshops as well as free, video trainings.

As the operating partner for Interchange, Margo oversees Marketing, Business Development, Product Innovation, Finance and Administration. She also created and leads The Business of Transformation, Interchange’s business and marketing training for aspiring coaches, counselors and workshop leaders. Margo brings over a decade of intense personal growth work, and spiritual practice into her counseling relationships and leadership style.

Prior to Interchange, Margo was a Marketing Executive for high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. She was the head of Business Development for FareChase, the first real-time search engine for Travel, which was successfully acquired by Yahoo! in 2004, and the VP of Marketing for VideoSurf, the first computer vision search engine for video, which was successfully acquired by Microsoft in 2011.

As a two-time graduate of Interchange, she left the high-tech world to follow her dream of making it possible for more people to have access to the kind of transformation, healing and community that she found through the program.…

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Home Group Facilitators

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Home Group Assistants

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    David Javate

    David Javate is a holistic life coach and personal trainer who empowers people to live their best selves through lifestyle coaching, counseling,...

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    Gilad Gurantz

    Gilad Gurantz serves as an engineer and a counselor. Gilad is dedicated to bringing realness, support, and growth into the work place, and...

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    Raphael Barker

    Raphael Barker is an MFT trainee, actor, dj, and Somatic Experiencing practitioner with a practice in San Francisco. He specializes in...

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    Lily Broberg

    Lily Broberg, RN, has made it her business to be an ally to low income families, farmworkers, immigrants and new mothers, through advocating...

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    Mica Stumpf

    Mica Stumpf is an Interchange graduate and counselor with a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies. Her counseling practice is informed by more...

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    Sile Bao

    Sile Bao is a 12-year cancer survivor who is dedicated to working with individuals who have been impacted by cancer and chronic illness....

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    Stephanie Kang

    Stephanie Kang is deeply fulfilled by the work of helping people improve their lives through greater self-acceptance, as a coach and counselor....

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    Alma Jurado

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Home Group Allies

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    Adia Millett

    Adia Millett helps people discover creative ways to to heal and develop self-love. She works with individuals of all ages, genders, and...

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    Himali Dixit

    Himali Dixit is a writer, educator, counselor, anthropologist, and a 2016 Interchange graduate. Himali is passionate about helping others...

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    O-Ren Williams

    Timothy E.M. “O-Ren” Williams is a licensed attorney, writer and pagan priest. As a graduate of Interchange Counseling Institute,...

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    Sheri Guyse

    Sheri Guyse left a 10-year public relations career a few months prior to graduating Interchange in 2015, to launch a life coach and connection...

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    Chris Kisling

    Chris Kisling , in addition to being a counselor and life coach, has been a teacher (kindergarten through college), corporate business...

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    Jefferson Fellows

    Jefferson Fellows has spent the last 6 years working with homelessness. He’s been a counselor in drop-in centers, underage shelters,...

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    Jade Shipman

    Jade Shipman is dedicated to social change, economic empowerment, and creative expression. She has spent more than a decade working in economic...

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    Erika Leder

    Erika Leder has had a private practice for 26 years as a Somatic and Ontological Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Shamanic Counselor....

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    Bill Harris

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Leadership Alumni

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    Scott Snow DC

    Scott Snow DC; is a practicing Chiropractor and a professor at Palmer College of Chiropractic, in a addition he is both a yoga and martial...

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    Adam Baraz

    Adam Baraz, founder of Samadhi Bodywork, is somatic counselor, bodyworker, and meditation teacher by profession. His greatest joy in life...

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    Marielle Amrhein

    Marielle Amrhein is an educator, activist, and counselor who embraces life full on with energy, compassion and love. In addition to her...

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    Kermit Goodman

    Kermit Goodman has over 6 years training as a life coach and group facilitator. He has certifications from the Transformational Coaching...

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    Marina Smerling

    Marina Smerling is an attorney turned counselor, relationship coach, and lover of Nonviolent Communication. She is the co-founder of WiseHeart...

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    Dionisio Ceballos

    Dionisio Ceballos is an Emmy Award Winning filmmaker and animator, as well as an accomplished artist. He is the owner of Studios Dio and...

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    Karen McVey

    Karen McVey is a three-time Interchange graduate: 2010, 2012, and 2013. As an Elder and Wise Woman with a private life coach/counseling...