Grad Spotlight: Jaime Williams

Sex and Relationship Coach

How did Interchange change you?

My life had been fantastically and tumultuously upturned a few years before I decided to attend Interchange. Becoming a Certified Counselor was the next step for me in a series of transformational experiences and I believed the program would help me discover the final pieces of the puzzle that were keeping me from my personal healing.  Equally, if not more prominent to that, professionally choosing to become a Counselor seemed like a natural and fulfilling next step for me in my healing arts practice. So I dove in with those things in mind, with courage and a certain amount of confidence.  At the time, I felt I most needed to work through the debris left from a fourteen-year marriage that had ended in the admission by my partner that he had been having affairs from the beginning.  Navigating my divorce had been complicated. It was a mix of holding it all together while simultaneously unraveling everything I had believed to be true and trying to do it all in such a way that my three children would come out on the other end tethered to love.

Through the progression of the course, I began to face the ways in which I would abandon substantial parts of myself in relationship.   …

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Grad Spotlight: David Javate

Holistic Life Coach
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 6.08.18 PM

How did Interchange change you?

I came to Interchange knowing that I wanted to build my skills as a counselor so I could make a greater impact in this world. I had invested in years of personal development with various practitioners, had participated in men’s work and meditation practices and wanted to hone my skills so I could give back.  

From day one, I was “all in”. It wasn’t always comfortable, in fact it got down right messy at times, but I learned so much about myself and grew immensely from the entire experience. I became more attuned to my experience and the experience of others, and learned to trust my impulses.  I was accepted for my humanity, and grew in my compassion for the struggle of others. I gained further understanding and acceptance for parts of myself which I had shame around, but I also received tough feedback on my unconscious behavior.

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Grad Spotlight: Sheri Guyse

Life Coach, founder of Big Bravely

How did Interchange change you?

I sought out Interchange because (in my perception at the time) it was a life coach training program grounded in personal development. I love personal development. I wanted to be a life coach. The school was located in my favorite city on the planet. The choice seemed like a no brainer.

Within the first day of Interchange I had a sneaking suspicion something a lot bigger than I expected was about to happen in my coaching ambitions.

I had no idea how correct I was.

Over the course of 10 months was revealed in a deep, beautiful way. With Interchange I gained confidence. The program gave me time and space to really dig into who I am and where I come from, literally and philosophically. Through the course work, as I learned more about counseling, I began to heal old hurts I didn’t know still had power over me and how I show up to others. I began to clearly see all the ways I was standing in my own way of authenticity – something I previously thought I had all figured out. I also learned that all of the above was just a story I have the complete and total power to rewrite.…

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Grad Spotlight: Jed Purses

Counselor, Street Counselor and the Founder of

How did Interchange change you?

I was once one of the thousands of people in the endless sea of daily activity, on my cell phone, rushing from work, to the gym, to bed, living for the weekend. When I looked around, it seemed like this routine was working for everyone except me. I felt alone in my hunger for a richer experience of life, but my fear of looking stupid, being exposed, failing, or seeming New Age-y in the eyes of people whose respect I wanted was in the way. Years of personal work gave me the strength to leave that world, but not the support to create what I wanted.

Finding the Interchange community gave me the experience of being fully seen and received for the first time. Though initially scary, revealing the whole story of my life eventually meant uncovering hidden desires and natural talents that have changed me. With the support of the community, I’m now fueled by this radical feeling of pushing my own edges while boldly pursuing what I love.

Along with this fuel, Interchange offered me the structure, courage and clarity to turn my desire for a richer experience into a reality. I got the practical tools and comprehensive framework to be of real service in this incredibly diverse world.…

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