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Introduction to Interchange

October 1, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Intro Day Attendees Can Save an Additional $250 Off Their Tuition

Why You Should Attend

  • Testimonial
    If you want to make a difference in the people around you, and make profound shifts in your own being, I highly recommend Interchange. The Introductory Evening alone (free!) is worth it. The lessons I learned that night made a huge shift in how I hold myself with others, professionally and personally. Sabrina Chaw, Life Coach, Founder of A Feminine Feast
How might your life be different on the other side of Interchange?
  • 10 Dynamic weekends of hands-on counseling & coaching training
  • 1 year of profound personal growth
  • 6 Business seminars to help you bring your gifts to the world
  • 150 People who will become like family

Imagine you could spend a year learning how to help people create real and lasting change in their lives. Imagine undertaking your own personal transformation in the process. Imagine learning in an environment where it’s safe enough to risk being yourself. Imagine having the unconditional support of a community of peers behind you.   Who might you be, and what might you bring to the world?

  • Testimonial

    When I found Interchange I jumped and never looked back.

    I took the very first Interchange training 12 years ago, and not only was it amazing, it completely set me on the track that I'm on today. Interchange is different than all the rest of the coaching courses and transformational work I’ve done: it’s deep and simple and true. And it has paid for itself over and over: in $$ and in joy of supporting loved ones and loved communities. Philippe Lewis, Relationship Counselor, Social Artist

Why You Should Attend

At this free, 4-hour event, Steve Bearman, PhD will . . .
Take you on a tour of the 10 training weekends, and guide you through several experiential exercises that will allow you to gain new counseling skills, meet awesome people and maybe even have your own breakthrough moment!

The Introduction to Interchange is an opportunity to experience the profound transformative power of the Interchange experience in just an afternoon. You’ll get to meet the other people interested in enrolling in the Year Long Training as well as Graduates of Interchange.

We provide the container for you to share authentic connection with a whole new group of like-minded people ready to transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

Come as you are, bring your true self, and leave with your questions answered.

Learn More About the Year-Long Training
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Who This Event For

Interchange attracts a diverse group of people.
Everyone comes with a vast range of life experiences and motivations for being there, but there is one thing that the people who come to our Introductory Events all have in common: something about the unusual nature of Interchange sparked their interest. It might be something about our unorthodox approach to counseling.  Or the dramatic changes in friends who they’ve seen come through the program. Or the diverse, deeply bonded community that forms and sustains year after year. That initial curiosity that sparks their interest is like a blinking red arrow pointing them in the direction of something they deeply want for themselves, something they might not even know they wish for.
  • A desire to truly help people and be of services to the world.
  • A chance to transform into who they are meant to be.
  • A community where they belong.
The fact that you’ve read this far means that something about Interchange has sparked your interest too.  Your blinking red arrow is pointing at something some part of you believes is possible. You might not know what it’s pointing at yet, but that’s something else you’ll have in common with everyone at the Intro Evening.  We’ll all be coming together to find out.
  • Testimonial

    Last fall, I stumbled into an Interchange Info Night with a skeptic's eye and a hopeful heart.

    I enrolled under the guise of improving my professional skill; what I am receiving is more akin to a full spirit makeover! There is no part of my life that isn't better for it. Come check it out! Come because you want to have/improve a career as a healer! Come because you are seeking deep community! Come to learn to communicate with grace! Murial Barkley-Aylmer , Birth & Postpartum Doula

What the Intro Day Will Be Like

Steve Bearman, Ph.D., the founder of Interchange, will walk you through the Interchange weekends, teaching you some new things about counseling and about personal growth that we hope you’ll be able to integrate into your life right away.  There will be group discussions, experiential exercises, and paired sharing that will give you a chance to make connections with interesting, new people.
Our Goals for the Day:
  1. Leave a better counselor than you were when you arrived.
  2. Figure out if Interchange is right for you.
  3. Meet awesome people and make real connections.

There won’t be much of a sales pitch. We’ll take 10 minutes at the end to tell you about the logistics and details of training (certification requirements, program dates, tuition costs, scholarships and discounts, etc).  Anyone who wishes to can stick around to talk to Steve or our Admissions team, who will be available to answer questions and help you enroll after the session is over.  There will probably be some Grads there too.

  • I learned more in Interchange than in my Doctor of Psychology program at JFK University.

    In terms of how it has impacted my power as a healer, my clinical skills, and capitalizing on what my natural strengths are, I’ve gotten better clinical training at Interchange than I got in graduate school. Florie Elmore, PsyD , Therapist
Important Info About Tuition and Discounts
  • Interchange sells out every year. This year we will sell out faster than we ever have. If you want to enroll, don’t wait.
  • You can also receive the following discounts and scholarships:
  • $250 for Enrolling at this Intro Day event
  • $250 for Tuition Paid in Full  (payment plans available for those who opt not to pay in full)
  • $500 for Referring a Friend who Enrolls (you can split the discount with your friend or keep it for yourself)
  • $500 Scholarship for People of Color, Social Justice Activists and People 25 and Under
  • Testimonial

    Interchange was a year of the most powerful training I could have received as a counselor/life coach . . .

    We’re talking, “Oh my GOD a-ha!” moments several times during every training weekend. It was utterly life-changing not just because I’ve gone on to have a successful coaching practice, but because it helped me find my way of being in the world. Kate Swoboda, Life Coach, Speaker and Writer

More About the Year-long Training Program

We begin with a group of students like you, people who already make a difference for the people around them, and want to get better at it, people who want grow in their own lives, and who wish for a tribe of like-minded people to grow with. You’ll spend the year learning about how human beings work and finding out how to facilitate deep and enduring change.

Over the course of the year you’ll be immersed in one approach to counseling after another, diving deep into each through theory presentation, experiential exercises, counseling demonstrations, group discussions, dyad work and more.  Then, you’ll ground what you learn in practice, experimenting with each approach through counseling sessions with your fellow students.

You’ll develop Counseling Competencies in 6 key areas:

  • PRESENCE: ease, realness, availability, accurate listening, high-quality attention
  • EMPATHY: warmth, attunement, understanding, compassion, safety, lovingness
  • WISDOM: depth, insight, wide perspective, pattern recognition, influential reframing
  • CREATIVITY: immediacy, energy, playfulness, risk-taking, tailor-made interventions
  • DIRECTIVENESS: intentionality, inner authority, candor, discernment, tenacity
  • EFFECTIVENESS: strategic interventions, goal-orientation, results, lasting impact
Throughout the year, you’ll discover that the work you do on yourself with the help of others, and the work others do on themselves with your help, are two parts of the same process. Everyone is learning together how to create change, and everyone is working together to apply what they’ve learned to their own lives.

  • Testimonial

    I learned how to sit with people, how to get curious and present, and how to hold them in unconditional positive regard.

    You get a buffet of theories and practices that will help you heal, help others heal, and help you be more yourself and more expressed in the world than you ever thought was possible. I learned how to be an ally for them in the world, an ally for them to be who they want to be. I learned how to help their heart’s desires to be expressed and their truth to be known. By the end of Interchange Steve told us, “you’re ready - you’re counselors now,” and I believed him, I really did, and I felt it. If you’re sitting there behind a computer screen wondering whether or not to do Interchange, just do it. Just trust me, do it. Shereef Bishay, Founder, DevBootCamp
Interchange’s Coaching & Counseling Training is in its 13th year. It is taught by founder, Steve Bearman, Ph.D. and supported by a team of skilled Facilitators and Assistants, all of whom are Interchange Graduates. The training takes place at our Treasure Island Campus in San Francisco over 10 intensive weekends. Your tuition includes all of your books, monthly Community Nights, a private online community forum, weekly peer-counseling sessions, monthly Skills Labs, and a 6-part evening seminar series where you’ll learn the business and marketing essentials you need to make helping people your life’s work.
  • Testimonial

    It's difficult to overemphasize the depth and breadth of this program.

    Somehow, over the course of 10 weekends, we examine and evolve what it means to counsel, to love unconditionally, to heal hurts, to develop resources, to get truly free. My entire conception of what it is to be a counselor is so much more solid and nuanced now than when I began. I feel like I have the necessary tools and strategies well within reach, as well as a certain confidence and fearlessness as a counselor that I didn't even realize I was lacking until I began to understand what a counseling relationship really is, and the potential it holds for each of us. And Steve Bearman is as caring and intelligent a guide as you could hope for. I learned so much just from watching him counsel regularly in front of the group. Perhaps you've considered doing other professional development programs, like Hakomi or going to grad school to get licensed, and I must say that I would really consider this as an alternative. Considering the overall cost, you get 10 weekends of training, plus 6 seminars focused on business and marketing development for your practice, a whole slew of amazing books, and more free counseling than you ever thought possible. Plus, you emerge with this incredible network of like-minded individuals who really want to support each other in continuing this work. " Eve Bradford, Creative Director at LadyApples

See You There!

We will begin at 3:00. Please leave yourself a few minutes to find parking and arrive a few minutes early to facilitate us starting on time. The day will go until 7:00PM, though we recommend you budget until 7:30 to stick around, talk, and get questions answered.

Intro Day Attendees Can Save an Additional $250 Off Their Tuition


October 1, 2017
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Interchange Counseling Institute


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