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Ending Jealousy Permanently

May 27, 2017 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Interchange 2105-2106

How would you like to no longer experience jealousy?

Impossible, you say?

How can we ever be free of our basic human emotions, you ask?

Well, we can’t. Fortunately, jealousy is not a basic human emotion!

Jealousy is a complex experience you actively construct from the raw materials of circumstances, body sensations, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. If you organize those materials in new ways, instead of producing jealousy, you can create far more desirable experiences.

We will spend the day deconstructing the experiences we’ve learned to call “jealousy”, hacking into the program by which we convert pain into suffering.

Over the course of the workshop you’ll:

Interchange 2105-2106Interchange 2105-2106

1. Discover the secret ingredient at the heart of jealousy that, once you notice it’s there, can instantly turn your experience around.

2. Deconstruct the unconscious assumptions and systems of meaning that keep jealousy in place. We’ll unpack the nature of insecurity, thwart the belief in relational scarcity, break down the motivations behind codependency, and overcome the emotional pull of the victim role.

3. Learn to work with the raw somatic and emotional experiences underlying jealousy. We’ll practice techniques for letting our bodies guide us through challenging moments, and for helping stuck feelings to flow on through.

4. Develop new practices that replace jealousy with far more desirable ways of being. Learn how to move from insecurity to self-acceptance, how to create an abundance of intimacy in your life, how to sense your connection to others even when they’re not there, how to deeply enjoy being alone, and how to stop battling against the nature of reality.

Throughout the workshop, there will be several opportunities to have a “permanently” moment, one that changes forever your experience of jealousy, and perhaps your experience of other forms of suffering as well.

Are you ready to apply your intelligence, your curiosity, and your will to the project of ending jealousy permanently?

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May 27, 2017
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


HOME on Treasure Island
900 Avenue D
San Francisco, 94130


Airial Clark