6 More Unorthodox Tips for Unusually Effective Counseling and Coaching

Not all counseling is equally potent. In the first part of this article, I presented 6 unorthodox tips that change the nature of counseling, and the relationship between counselor and client. To summarize, becoming a powerful counselor requires that you … Continue reading

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How to Become An Unusually Effective Counselor or Coach: 6 Unorthodox Tips that Will Change Everything

Counseling doesn’t always work. Every counselor has heard the stories: clients lamenting previous counseling relationships that were frustrating, disappointing, and ineffectual. We hear the stories and we hope our clients won’t be telling their future counselors such tales of woe … Continue reading

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Finite and Infinite Coaching

There are at least two kinds of coaching. One could be called finite, the other infinite. Coaching is a metaphor that comes from sports. Sports are finite games, according to James Carse, author of the book Finite and Infinite Games. … Continue reading

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