Before and After Pics of a Transformational Journey

HOME - Hearts Open, Minds Open

The 2015-2016 Coaching & Counseling Year Training Program wasn’t supposed to happen.

If you’ve been following Interchange for the past few years, you’ll remember that last year we announced that for the first time in 13 years, there would be no class starting in October.

The venue where we have held our training (Fort Mason’s Conference Center) was undergoing a serious remodel and would no longer be able to host our group. We didn’t have a home and we knew that we wouldn’t be able to easily find one.  The demands of our class size (150!) and the way our training is formatted (dynamic, with lots of movement and small group work) meant that we needed to find a space with a room large enough to hold our big group that also had break out rooms which could comfortably fit our small Home Groups. This magical, unicorn of a venue would also need to be in the SF Bay Area, available 1 weekend a month for 10 months in a row, and reasonably affordable.  We knew we didn’t want to be in a stuffy hotel conference room, but other than that we were open to all ideas. So, we began the search for a space large enough to hold us. 

We searched and searched and came up empty. The prices we were finding for spaces that came close to meeting our needs were upwards of $10,000 a day, and even those venues couldn’t guarantee us the dates we needed (one had a clause in the contract which stated that if Google wanted to rent the venue they reserved the right to cancel our booking with less than 30 days notice).

We started to contemplate the reality that Interchange as we knew it might not go on.

Then I remembered Treasure Island. Why not look there?  I called all of the event rental spaces on the Island and had no luck – nothing fit our needs. Then I looked on their website and saw a long list of commercially leased properties that were available and called to find out more.

There was one unleased property that was left on the entire island. Just one. 

So on January 9th, Steve, Ash, Greg and I went out to the site and a vision was born.

Photo: Margo, Greg, Steve. Ash

(Margo Brockman, Greg Callahan, Steve Bearman, Ash Craig)

The property consisted of 3 buildings, each 4,000 square feet, that had been used as the old elementary school for Treasure Island. They were in rough shape (broken windows, cracked floors, covered in graffiti) and would need a full renovation, but we saw something beautiful in them.  

Treasure Island: Before Photo

We could see that this was an opportunity to create a homebase for all of us committed to growth and healing and change in many different forms. A place where workshop leaders could reliably and affordably lead classes. A place where transformational business owners could co-work together, share ideas, and inspire one another. A place where people could come to learn and play and create community together. 

We saw not only a home for Interchange, but a home for the Bay Area Transformational community. We saw a place where Hearts Opened and Minds Expanded, and so we signed the lease and we named it “HOME on Treasure Island”.

 Making our vision of HOME a reality required some pretty bold action. Now that we had a space, we were committed to getting it ready for Interchange’s October start date for our Year-long Coaching & Counseling Training.  

The site needed extensive renovations on a very compressed timeline.  We needed to take a big loan and an even bigger leap of faith. There were all kinds of challenges and setbacks but the right kind of help always showed up in unexpected and amazing ways.

I’m proud and excited to announce that in just 2 days, our first students will walk through the doors of our new space. The Year Long Training begins this weekend and is being held at HOME on Treasure Island. 

This has been a transformational journey for all of us. 

Treasure Island: After Photo

Our shared vision has become a physical reality. All we need now is to share it with all of you.  We are so excited!