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Decolonize Your Mind

Your thoughts are not your own. Many of your most private, most personal thoughts are not actually yours at all. Think about it: you are no more the creator of your mind than you are of your body. Though you … Continue reading

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The Other Safe Sex Conversation

How do you decide if you want to have sex with someone? Presumably you would choose someone you’re attracted to in some compelling way. Mutual interest on their part also seems to be a key ingredient. Once you’ve got those … Continue reading

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How To Make Friends With Anyone

Just because you have friends, doesn’t mean you know how to make friends. There is an art to making friends, and not everyone learns it. Fortunately, even if you never learn the art, you can wind up with friends anyway. … Continue reading

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Getting Good at Getting Rejected

Here’s what’s great about getting rejected! Many of life’s most desirable experiences and meaningful relationships come from asking for what you want. If you’re too afraid of getting rejected, you won’t ask for what you want. If you don’t ask, … Continue reading

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Jealousy, Addiction, Enlightenment, Friendship, Crying . . .

I’m feeling pretty groovy about myself today. I’ve spent the last week pulling together all of the best stuff I’ve ever written or filmed on topics like jealousy, addiction, enlightenment, friendship, crying, oppression, ethics, judgment, strangeness, sleep, healing, leadership and … Continue reading

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6 More Unorthodox Tips for Unusually Effective Counseling and Coaching

Not all counseling is equally potent. In the first part of this article, I presented 6 unorthodox tips that change the nature of counseling, and the relationship between counselor and client. To summarize, becoming a powerful counselor requires that you … Continue reading

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How to Become An Unusually Effective Counselor or Coach: 6 Unorthodox Tips that Will Change Everything

Counseling doesn’t always work. Every counselor has heard the stories: clients lamenting previous counseling relationships that were frustrating, disappointing, and ineffectual. We hear the stories and we hope our clients won’t be telling their future counselors such tales of woe … Continue reading

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Using Anxiety as a Path to Liberation

Why do you get anxious? Is anxiety just an unpleasant feeling you need to try to shake? Is anxiety merely a dysfunction that randomly takes over some people’s brains and needs to be managed? There is actually a lot more … Continue reading

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How to Live to 300

No one knows how long they’re going to live for. Nonetheless, when I ask almost anyone what age they think they’re going to live to, they give me a number. We act as if we’re going to live to 65, … Continue reading

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Are You a Leader?

Are you a leader? Some people answer that question with an unqualified yes. Some people wish they could be leaders, but assume leadership is for other people. Some people respond by wondering why they would ever want to be a … Continue reading

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