August, 2012

Slowly Approach the Object of Fear

(Skip ahead to the video.) There is a formula for overcoming fear. In the world of counseling, applying any formula is always an art form, as no two people or situations are alike. Nonetheless, the process of overcoming fears (in … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Maximize Personal Growth at Burning Man

(reposted from Burner Love) – Check out the list of Steve’s workshops at Burning Man 2014 Ordinary reality is not designed with personal growth in mind. If you like conformity, competition, or pretense, then ordinary reality is a great place … Continue reading

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Chilling Out, Freaking Out, and Checking Out

Fear can be overwhelming! When fear becomes too much to handle, you have three options. First, you can check out. Shutting down and dissociating from your body can be a great way to escape an otherwise overwhelming experience. Second, you … Continue reading

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Exercising Will

How’s your strength of will? Without a healthy will, challenges may be impossible to overcome, getting the motivation to start anything new is difficult, and momentum never seems to build. Will is a developmental resource, and like all such resources, … Continue reading

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