May, 2012

High Quality Crying

Think about the last time you cried. Was it one of those cries that left you feeling much better afterwards: relieved, lighter, less sad, more free? Or did it make you feel even worse, like you wish you had just … Continue reading

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You Are What You Repeat

What are the things that you do every day, over and over again? Do the things you repeat contribute to you becoming the person you most wish to be? The fabric of your life is composed of these repetitions. Out … Continue reading

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How To Be Biased

Admit it; you’re biased! Maybe you’ve learned that as a counselor you’re not supposed to have biases, but that’s just not possible. If you’re alive, you’re biased. Since you’re going to be biased anyway, you might as well choose how … Continue reading

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Teaching Couples To Be Allies

Long before a couple comes to a counselor seeking support, they come to one another seeking support. Without always realizing it, one of the reasons we enter into romantic partnerships in the first place, is to create relationships where we … Continue reading

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