February, 2012

Celebrating 10 Years

We’re entering into our 10th year of Interchange and we’re sharing the celebration with you! We have so much good stuff in store for this upcoming year that we’re excited to share with you; including discounts for early registration to … Continue reading

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I Love

Which would you prefer: conditional or unconditional love? Though unconditional love is what you ultimately need, once you grasp what unconditional love is about, you may decide you’re content to keep your conditions after all. Conditional love seems to be … Continue reading

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The Enjoying Aloneness Project – Ending Jealousy Permanently (Part 5)

Loneliness is some hard core business. Codependency can be a helpful protection against feelings of loneliness, but it has some unfortunate side effects. When your sense of self is merged with another person, any break in connection with them can … Continue reading

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