2 Days Remain

You will not get more than a few messages like this from us a year.  We work hard to make sure that this blog is something that provides insight and inspiration.  We want to help make your life better and we want to help you learn ways to help make other people’s lives better.  That’s what we’re all about.  But every once in a while there is something really important that we’d like to announce, something that is aligned with our goal of making your life and the lives of the people you touch more amazing, and we’d appreciate if you could bear with us while we announce that thing, and after that we’ll get right back to our regularly scheduled program!

So here is the thing.  In 2 days we are closing our Early Registration Discount Package for our Year-long Training. Those of you who sign up before this Friday for will get $250 off the cost of the tuition as well as free attendance at all of our day-long and evening workshops for 2012.  This package is kind of a big deal (the biggest one we’ll offer this year, by a lot) and so we wanted to let you know about it so that you didn’t miss it.  If you’re thinking about signing up for the training, you want to do so before this package ends.  Free attendance to our workshops means you get to get to know many of the other 2012-2013 students early, and you get a head start on being a part of this amazing community, and on learning how to counsel.  $250 off is not too shabby either.  Interchange’s Year-long Training has sold out every year for the past 4 years so if you think you want in, it’s smart to get in now. You can learn more about the training by clicking this link or by joining us on Wednesday night (6/13) in San Francisco for a free Intro Session (details are here: https://www.facebook.com/events/367676523293180/).  If you are not able to attend the Intro Session, or if you have questions you’d like answered first, you can also feel free to give Margo in Admissions a call to learn more at (800) 305-6090.

Here are the beautiful faces of our 2011-2012 graduating class!

There will be a video blog coming later in the week where Steve talks about raising the bar for what’s possible in friendships, so if you are here just for the awesome counseling and personal growth related content, fear not, we will be right back with that in just a couple of days. 

— The Interchange Team