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Decolonize Your Mind

Decolonize Your Mind

February 18th, 2014

Your thoughts are not your own. Many of your most private, most personal thoughts are not actually y... Read more

The <em>Other</em> Safe Sex Conversation

The Other Safe Sex Conversation

February 4th, 2014

How do you decide if you want to have sex with someone? Presumably you would choose someone you're a... Read more

How To Make Friends With Anyone

How To Make Friends With Anyone

January 22nd, 2014

Just because you have friends, doesn't mean you know how to make friends. There is an art to making ... Read more

Interchange's Year-Long Counseling & Coaching Training

Interchange is a year-long counseling and coaching training program that offers a unique opportunity to work on yourself while you learn to skillfully support others. It is a community-rich learning environment for people who want to become powerful counselors and coaches, and for people who want to grow in their own lives.

Become a Coach or Counselor

You want to make a difference for people, to help them heal and grow and become free. You are already offering support and counsel to the people around you, but you want to develop your powers as a counselor, to make it your career. Interchange teaches you skills, grounds them in practice, and shows you how to make a living doing what you love. Become a powerful coach or counselor, and make a difference in the world starting now. Learn more

Experience Deep Personal Growth

Not every Interchange student wants to become a professional coach or counselor. Many come to heal, grow and become free themselves, while developing counseling skills that serve their relationships, community, and existing careers. If you are seeking change, a tribe, and to be of better service to those around you, Interchange offers a unique opportunity to work on yourself while you learn to skillfully support others. Learn more

What's Included

Florie Elmore

Florie Elmore

PsyD, Therapist

"I’ve gotten better clinical training at Interchange then I got in graduate school."

Cath Byrne, Ph.D.

Cath Byrne, Ph.D.

Social Psychologist

"To have that much access to support is profound."

Shereef Bishay

Shereef Bishay

Founder of Dev Bootcamp

"I was just lucky to be in that room."